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CORE Water

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CORE Water is an easy solution for stormwater retention, attenuation, and infiltration for commercial and residential projects. The design helps relieve pressure on water drainage systems, acting as an underground reservoir during rainfall. Rainfall is collected within the system and slowly returned to the earth at a natural rate which helps to avoid waterlogging. CORE Water is an easy to assemble crate and can be used in various applications, such as under driveways, garden beds, and more. In addition, CORE Water is compliant with SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems),  making it a green solution for projects.

CORE Water's performance is dependant on the porosity and infiltration rate of the surrounding subsoil. Installation in heavy clay soil should be avoided and an expert should be consulted for the installation and amount of soakaways required. 

Benefits of CORE Water:
-Flood mitigation with effective stormwater management
-Sediment prevention with 80 gsm infiltration membrane
-Superior structural integrity
-Easy to assemble + affordable
-Simple lightweight design


Technical Specifications
Recycled Polypropylene
Crate Dimensions: 800x540x500mm
Wall Thickness: 17mm
Cubic Area of Crate: 0.216m3
Crate Weight: 20lbs
Chemical Resistance: Excellent
Warranty: 90 days from date of arrival

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