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CORE Landscape Products provides superior, sustainable landscaping products for homeowners and contractors including permeable paving foundations, electricity-free lighting from natural minerals, and beautiful, locally designed privacy screens. 

Our aspiration is to contribute to a global community that is built upon low impact development that ensures the “Seventh Generation Principle”, meaning we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next 7 generations. 

Social + Environmental Responsibility:

CORE is a benefit company that has legally pledged to be responsible, accountable, innovative, diverse, and inclusive in all aspects of its business. CORE promotes honesty, openness, and integrity in all manners and fosters an environment of collaboration.

As a company, CORE sources local and from diverse suppliers wherever possible, including collaboration with local artist, Noel Brown and Amanda Hall. CORE's artist receive royalties on each sale of their designs which ensures a beneficial and healthy relationship for all involved. CORE is committed to providing affordable and high-quality sustainable landscaping alternatives including alternative lighting, permeable foundations, and privacy screens. 

CORE is grateful to be able to give back to our community both locally and internationally and we are proud to pledge at least 1% of our sales to the restoration and preservation of the environment through supporting non-profits dedicated to defending the natural world.

About 1% for the Planet
1% for the Planet puts people and the planet over profit and through 1% self taxation, companies can help tackle the planet's most pressing environmental issues.

Who we support:


Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter

NLWS is dedicated to help all wildlife in need and specializes in bears. Depending on species, age and health conditions that can be a few hours to 2 years. NLWS assist injured/orphaned wildlife with the goal to return them to the wild. In addition, Northern Lights educates the public on co-existing with wildlife and participates in scientific studies to enhance our knowledge of wildlife.



Haiti Ocean Project

About: Since its creation in 2007, Haiti Ocean Project has focused on the protection and preservation of marine mammals, sea turtles, sharks, and rays; all endangered in this Caribbean nation. These species groups are the subject of a monitoring network which focuses on the Canal de la Gonâve, a marine channel that extends along the inner southern peninsula of Haiti.
Why HOP: With a background in biology, the Haiti Ocean Project was a perfect cause to get involved with for CORE's founder, Caroline. Since 2016, Caroline has advised and volunteered alongside the Haiti Ocean Project to conserve and protect marine mammals, sea turtles, sharks, and rays in Haiti. CORE is proud to continue to support the Haiti Ocean Project and all of its initiatives taken to better the planet.