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CORE's Grid options filter rainwater and recharge local groundwater, preventing stormwater runoff from polluting nearby waterways. This reduces flooding and erosion while also easing the load on municipal stormwater systems.


CORE's Grid options are cost-effective as they require less labor and materials to install, and minimize long-term maintenance costs by avoiding costly repairs or replacements.


CORE's Grid offer a wide range of design options with different materials and colors. They can be used for driveways, walkways, patios, and other hardscaping features to blend naturally with the surrounding landscape.



This has got to be my favourite innovation of the year! It's now a staple in any outdoor project I do. You guys rock :)

Jonathan Scott, Property Brothers

Really love this product! We struggled with our parking area for years – gravel washing away in heavy rain, muddy spots, and weeds growing up through the gravel. Putting down the 60-40 CORE Gravel product was a great decision. We no longer lose gravel in heavy rain. In fact, we're facing our second winter with this surface and have not had to add any gravel, even after repeated snow plowing. The surface always looks great and, with a little raking, makes an attractive social space.

Lauren S, Ligonier, PA

I love it! It provides the perfect stable base for my husbands wheelchair while being completely permeable. Phase 2 will be adding some paths to this patio space from the top of our yard or course using your product again. It’s amazing.

Regina Y, Wheelchair Accessible Patio

You all have really helped us out over the several years. We have been purchasing your product since 2019 as my wife is in a wheelchair and found our yard hard to access. We have used CORE foundations in our greenhouse (as a base), a pathway to the green house and a relaxing shade garden. Because of CORE, my wife can access all areas with her wheelchair with no problems. We will now work on a 500 sq.ft. pathway, for her to have additional access in the yard. (50-35 HD)

Philip & Katheryn T (Battle Ground WA)

The install went well and we were all amazed with the end result. We have taken several large trucks including concrete trucks, picker truck through and not an issue. We will be looking for more opportunities this coming season to use the product. It is amazing considering the mud we had on that section of road.

Mark, Elk Island National Park of Canada

I wanted to reach out to you guys and let you know how very pleased I am with your product and wonderful customer service! We ordered a 4'x6' privacy screen over the phone, it arrived early, amazingly packaged, and such a great design. We could not be happier and we will be telling all our friends about this amazing Canadian company! Thanks SO much!

Johanne, R. Pitt Meadows, BC

Building Sustainable Public Spaces with Eco-Friendly Foundations

CORE Landscape Products is an innovative industry leader in providing environmentally sustainable solutions for civic development projects. Our range of products includes permeable paving alternatives for public spaces, fire access lanes, driveways, walkways, and vehicle-friendly green parking areas.

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At CORE Landscape Products, we are dedicated to assisting our clients, contractors, and architects in creating cost-effective, visually stunning, and eco-friendly landscapes. Our goal is to provide tailored solutions that meet the unique needs and preferences of each client while minimizing environmental impact.

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