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Our Story

Our Story

CORE Landscape Products was founded in 2010 on the notion that we, as humans possess the ability to improve our environment through conscious choices. CORE prides itself on creating sustainable products that enrich & protect the natural world.  Our ongoing research and developments ensure that we create top quality products while providing the highest level of service. CORE Landscape Products is a proud supporter of environmental initiatives around the world, including the Atlantic Stormwater Initiative and Haiti Ocean Project. Our goal is to promote and educate the use of environmentally sustainable landscaping products that ensures a future where humans and nature can co-exist.    CORE Landscape Products started in 2010 with only a handful of eco-friendly products, a small office, warehouse space, and a few friends. Today, CORE is a growing company dedicated to creating and supplying unique and innovative products, for both private and public landscape settings, that are more eco-friendly and sustainable than traditional products.

Our promise:

At CORE Landscape Products, we make it a priority to use recycled products wherever possible and ensure that all our other products are recyclable at the end of their life. By using our products, you are also using more local ingredients (i.e. using the CORE gravel grid enables you to use local aggregates). By doing so, we know that we are reducing transportation energy and waste while encouraging more Canadian/US architects, homeowners and contractors to adopt more eco-friendly development practices.

By choosing permeable, eco-friendly products, we can: reduce waste, recharge the groundwater, moderate the Heat-Island Effect, strain on our urban storm sewers, urban stream peak flow events, and much more. The truth is, we all have the power to change the conditions that are causing harm, and we can do so simply by choosing products that both meet our needs and are environmentally sustainable.

Our Service:

What do you get when you blend great green products with super customer service? CORE Landscape Products! At CORE, we believe that every customer should be able to have their questions answered quickly, with kindness and with excellent technical expertise. Too often in this fast paced world, we feel jostled along to make way for the next paying customer.

At CORE, we believe that if you have taken the time to call us, we would love to talk to you! We also love working with architects, landscapers and homeowners from the design stage all the way to implementation (often years, making some great friends along the way). We believe that with the right support and technical expertise we can ensure that more folks are comfortable moving away from the Status Quo (just paving it) to a green, more eco-friendly landscape that is easy to install, functions as intended, and is durable, as well as cost effective. Simply put, our philosophy is that caring for our environment, whilst having a beautiful and functional landscape, is the best way to live.

Artist Spotlight:

Noel Brown, Designer of the Coast Salish Privacy Screens

Noel is a member of the Coast Salish and Kwagulth people. He is a resident of Nanaimo, which is on the East Coast of Vancouver Island. Noel comes from the Brown/Lewis family; his mother Donna Brown and father Jerry Brown. Noel was taught by many; Richard Baker, Matthew Baker, Chris and Doran Lewis and Craig Manson. His inspiration is James Christopher Lewis. Noel has been carving since late 1995. Grandfathers on both sides of the family were good carvers. Noel's grandmother is a resident in Cape Mudge, so he has been interested in art all his life. His family has a strong artistic background.

Amanda Hall, Designer of Maple Leaf, Ginko, Cherry Blossom, and our future Canadiana Line.

Amanda was born and raised on Vancouver Island and spent most of her days in the Black Creek, just outside the Comox Valley. She fell in love with the west coast lifestyle:  "Every day here is a visual gift, from the old-growth forests to the mist over the coast on a fall evening and the almost fantasy-like world of our forest undergrowth". You can find Amanda in her old log house with her two children, hubby, and their collection of rescue animals. Running a fencing company has allowed Amanda to bring her art into her business and incorporate her love for Canadiana art. She prides herself to be able to create designs that people can identify with, mainly scenery that means something to us. Her work brings awareness to the natural beauty that exists in the world and our need to preserve it and respect its power. 

CORE Landscape Products respectfully acknowledges that we are standing on the Traditional Unceded territory of the We Wai Kai, Wei Wai Kum, Ei'ksan, Pentlatch and the K’òmoks First Nation.


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