CORE Drainage Cell
CORE Drainage Cell
CORE Drainage Cell
CORE Drainage Cell

CORE Drainage Cell

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CORE Drainage Cells effectively capture sub-surface water and transports it away. This product is ideal for saturated grounds against an external wall of a sloped driveway or basement room. CORE Drainage cells aim to relieve the hydro-static ground pressure against retaining walls and prevent the water from becoming logged. CORE drainage cells are made from recycled polypropylene and are extremely lightweight with superior structural integrity. They are an efficient water drainage solution for applications such as:

  • Flood mitigation with an effective capture and transport capacity
  • Hydro-static ground pressure relief preventing stagnant water
  • Superior structural integrity
  • Easy to assemble and affordable
  • Simple lightweight interlocking design

Technical Specifications
MaterialRecycled Polypropylene
Crate Dimensions: 600x290x25mm
Interlocking: yes, pin and socket
Discharging Capacity: 5L/s
Cell Weight: 1.2lbs
Chemical Resistance: Excellent
Horizontal Void: 58% void area
Service Temp: -10 ° C to 40 ° C

Note CORE Drainage comes in a 10 pack and does not come with a geotextile membrane.