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install guide

For a straightforward guide on installing your CORE grid, please see the instructions below.

step 1

To prepare the base, start by levelling and clearing the targeted area. When excavating and compacting, take into account the required depth for the base material, the specific height of the grid you've chosen, plus an extra 10mm (approximately 1/2 inch) for the surface layer of aggregate. For a solid, structurally sound base, especially under driveways, spread and compact road crush to a minimum depth of 2 inches (50mm) below grid. While the use of sharp sand for levelling is optional, it's beneficial for projects like residential pathways where a level surface is crucial. For less demanding projects, such as small patios and small paths, simply levelling the dirt may be adequate.

step 2

Begin by positioning the panels with the geo-textile side facing downwards, ideally starting along a fixed edge for a seamless start. For your safety and to prevent abrasions, please wear protective wear when trimming the panels to your desired shape. Arrange the panels in an alternating bricklayer fashion and securely fasten them using the built-in interlocking connectors on each side, creating a unified structure.

Lay the geo-textile membrane's overlapping edge smoothly to ensure a perfect fit for the subsequent panel. Our CORE Gravel™ system is designed to be stable for driving inclines of up to 20 degrees (40% gradient), ensuring stability and integrity across varied terrains. It is important to note some grids perform better on slopes than others.

fill the cells

Introduce your choice of fractured or pea gravel into the hexagonal cells either manually or directly from a truck or bobcat. To preserve the integrity of the unfilled panels, vehicles should maneuver with caution, avoiding any sharp movements.

Ideally, begin by depositing gravel at the perimeter of your project area and progressively move inward. This method ensures that heavy equipment only traverses over areas that have already been filled, safeguarding the structure of the panels. Overfill grid with ~1/2' of gravel or until grid is covered. Please check which size gravel is best for your grid before installation.