Sending a great gift is easy!

Sending a great gift is easy!

Just take a look at the unique gift sets offered by CORE glow this Holiday Season


Ethereal Blue Gift Set

Stones, key FOBs and beads for those folks who love the cool, calming, serene effect of the moon and the stars at night.

You can send the entire pack to a friend or loved one, or just select a few items to send on….while you keep the rest for yourself!

Hot Green Gift Set

Stones, key FOBS and beads are for those folks who love the brilliance of a bright green in their lives! These are our strongest glow yet. No holding back here!


Multi-colored kids’ pack

This is an easy one! (and you can’t keep any of these for yourself, the kids get all of these)

Kids will love this multi-colored pack of glow items (no small beads in this pack). The larger, flat stones are what we call ‘Dream Rock’. Put one beside their bed at night to keep the bad dreams away! 

[Just ask our Troll King friend].

The smaller stones are ideal for creating nighttime illumination routes (no night lights needed!). They can make a ‘camp fire’ of glow in their fort, add to their favorite plant pot, or use the glow FOB to find they keys in their backpack. The ideas are endless!

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We look forward to making your life a little ‘brighter’, naturally.