New Product - Quantum Grade Core Glow

Back in January we let you know we were about to launch our best glow yet - Quantum Grade Core Glow - and we've also launched a special discount code for our email subscribers. To get in on our exclusive deals: Subscribe here
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Quantum Glow is now our:
brightestlongest lasting, and most powerful glow stone

Core Quantum Glow proprietary formula features 60% more of the photoluminescent microcrystals that produce the 'glow-in-the-dark' effect, a concentration we chose after trying countless formulations, to get you the brightest possible glow while keeping the glow stones lean, powerful, and with no frills. In our testing we found that anything above 60% more created no measurable increase in brightness, so we locked it down to bring you optimum quality for the best value.

Check out our brand new product line which is brighter, longer lasting, and available in new sizes here

You can also order a sample kit of Quantum Grade glow to test it out for yourself - 
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Ps. If you made it this far, we have even more to offer you - we are now open to accept custom glow requests!

Do you have a project idea and want to incorporate glow? Adding a glow feature is a surefire way to add excitement and that 'wow' factor to any installation, as well as bringing your community's attention to incredible, sustainable, and inspiring technology.

With nods to materials science, sustainable innovations, durable solutions, and community safety, we're here to inspire and help your project ideas come to life.

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