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Light Pollution Explorer Kit [Downloadable]
Citizen Science

Light Pollution Explorer Kit [Downloadable]

If you're reading this, you're probably one of the people landing on our site by researching 'how to reduce light pollution'. We've been amazed and encouraged by the surge in people looking for solutions!

As a thank you, and as a way to help you carry this knowledge forwards, we've made a downloadable 'Light Pollution Explorer' kit which includes key information about light pollution, a fun experiment and lab notebook, and suggestions for further learning.

This kit includes:

  • In-depth information bites about Light Pollution, it's impacts, and how we can prevent it.
  • Experiment 'background and methods section'
  • Lab notebook for students to fill out during the experiment
  • Suggestions for more light pollution education and science exploration!

This link will bring you to the online PDF, where you can review the lesson plan then choose to download:
Download 'Light Pollution Science' lesson plan

We have also curated 'Science of Glow' Boxes that we are now offering online, with more than enough glow for the explorer kit and small home-glow installations. 

Light Pollution Lesson Plan + Science of Glow Box for teachers:
For a full lesson plan, download the 'Light Pollution Explorer' kit along with a 'Science of Glow Box' of your choice. Contents will cover a few classrooms to do this experiment, or give to students as a reminder of everything they learned. These are perfect for chemistry, engineering, environmental design, and explorative classrooms. You can download the lesson without the box - but the two go hand in hand.

Buy the 'Science of Glow' Boxes here

If you are using it with your classroom, we suggest saving a pile of Core Glow stones for an overnight school trip, or setting up a dark room in your class with different light sources on to mimic street lights at night. Have fun, be safe, and enjoy!

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New Product - Quantum Grade Core Glow

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