Light It Up - the Importance of Lighting with Core Glow

Want to make glow projects like the one's on Pinterest? We've all seen the photos, and we've also seen the attempts to recreate the projects...with mixed results.

 We are here to help make sure your project is a success. Think of Core Glow like you would a plant a plant- with the optimum conditions it will thrive. Read through our new Project Guide for a step-by-step guide to getting your own project started. 


1.Why lighting is so important:

The most important factor to consider with your Core Glow project is lighting:  Core Glow requires minimum 30 minutes in direct light for a full charge. As soon as they are out of direct light the glow cycle kicks in. The second most important factor is competing light conditions: Core Glow likes the spotlight all for itself. Turn off the lights to see them glow.

2. How you can optimize lighting: 

Indoor projects are great- you have complete control over the charging time and competing light conditions. For outdoor projects we recommend installing Core Glow in areas with full sunlight and little to no ambient or direct electric lighting. We recommend reading our Project Guide for more tips to optimize your Core Glow project. Little changes go a long way.

We will be back next week with more project tips! Have a question you want answered? Comment here or get in touch . 

Core Glow is like bioluminescence: with the right conditions your project will thrive and look spectacular. Make sure your project is a success by reading the Core Glow Project Guide