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Embark on diverse projects with confidence using CORE Foundations as your stable base. Elevate pedestrian surfaces with the unmatched stability and permeability of CORE Pathway, reinforce grassy areas with the eco-friendly stability of CORE Grass, and redefine driveways with the versatile alternative to concrete in CORE Drive. In every application, discover the perfect blend of innovation and functionality, seamlessly blending aesthetics and sustainability for your outdoor spaces.

CORE Foundations

CORE Landscape is an innovative leader in environmentally sustainable solutions in the development of civic projects such as public spaces, driveways, walkways and vehicle friendly green parking areas. The benefits of CORE Foundations include the reduction of urban heat, waste water management, healthier soil, nearby trees and shrubs and a healthier environment overall. We now offer solutions for commercial and residential projects!


CORE Glow products are an eco-friendly lighting solution that requires no electricity. Use CORE Glow aggregate to illuminate your driveway, sidewalks and pathways with a soft welcoming glow at night. Ideal for enhancing lighting for edging, flower beds, house plants and more! The  CORE Glow renewable light source emits zero carbon emissions, is affordable, and good for the planet!

Our CORE Glow luminescent products are engineered with proprietary luminescent material in mediums of glass, marble and synthetic resins. When exposed to daylight or a light source, the phosphorescent material becomes excited (wooo) and initially very radiant, then slowly dissipates as dawn arrives.

CORE Decorative Screens

Our unique line-up of CORE décor Privacy Screens are designed for indoor as well as outdoor living spaces. Install any of our glow screens to create an effortless, magical feel to your covered patio. Add Art by any one of our talented designers, to bring a special feel to your living space. Whatever your choice, you can be sure it will look great and feel unique. Check out our online shop for a full lineup.