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100% Permeable

Our grids are designed to be 100% permeable, effectively eliminating puddles and ruts and significantly reducing the burden on stormwater management systems.

Cost effective

Affordable: Enjoy the cost benefits of our system, which is a fraction of the price of concrete, without sacrificing quality or durability.

DIY-Friendly: Easily install it yourself and save on contractor fees. If you opt for professional installation, it's still more economical than concrete.

No Complex Drainage: Large projects don't require expensive stormwater systems thanks to our grid's natural permeability.

Install Anytime: Our product isn't limited by seasons. Install it year-round, unlike concrete which depends on favorable weather.

Simple Repairs: A damaged grid? Just replace it with no need for costly labor or materials, making maintenance a breeze.

ADA compliant

By simply installing any of our grids, your surface is immediately ADA compliant! Meaning wheelchairs and other disabled persons can easily and safely access your project.

Heat welded geo-textile

We stand alone in offering an innovative, non-rotting, non-woven, heat-welded geo-textile. This advanced fabric not only secures the gravel within the cell to prevent bulging by barring gravel migration underneath but also adeptly suppresses weed growth, ensuring a clean, maintenance-free surface.

DIY install

In just three easy steps, you can have yourself a brand new driveway, patio, or pathway. Level your base material, lay your grids, & fill with clean gravel to ensure permeability.

World's only grid system for steep slopes

Our company exclusively provides a grid tailored for sloped applications, setting us apart in the industry. The 60-40 grid, with its innovative lateral drainage design, ensures seamless water flow between cells, effectively preventing any accumulation on slopes. Additionally, the grid is equipped with dedicated slots for inserting 8-12 inch galvanized nails, anchoring the grid firmly in place and virtually eliminating slippage risks. This combination of efficient drainage, secure anchoring, advanced geo-textile, and hexagonal design culminates in a foundation of unmatched permeability and stability.

Serious Versatility

Whether you're enhancing a cozy residential patio or engineering a sloped access lane for fire trucks, our solutions have you covered. We proudly offer the widest selection of grid systems globally, featuring 12 distinct designs customizable in any colour to perfectly complement your project.