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Grass install guide

For your CORE Grass installs, follow the steps below.

step 1

Create a sub-base suitable for the intended traffic load taking into account your sub soil ground conditions, then blend over the sub base with sharp sand and soil (60/40 ratio) to form a continuous smooth base level.

step 2

Lay the grids and clip together to form one continuous matrix.

step 3

Fill the grids with structural soil (recipe supplied by CORE Gravel) and damp down with water to allow the soil to settle into the cells.

step 4

Surface-dress the cells by covering with approximately 10-15mm of a mixture as per CORE Gravelstructural soil mix recipe.

step 5

Seed the area and water thoroughly. To aid grass growth, cover the seed with a top layer of fertilizer and water regularly for a period of 4 to 6 weeks.