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Install Guide - Glow

glow on gravel install guide

To enhance the stability and visibility of our GLOW Aggregate when applied over a gravel substrate, we strongly recommend implementing our gravel stabilizing grid system beforehand. This precaution prevents the GLOW Aggregate from becoming obscured within or beneath the shifting layers of loose gravel. However, should you decide against utilizing our grid system, we advise opting for a GLOW Aggregate that is one size larger than your existing gravel to ensure its prominence on the surface. For instance, if your gravel measures 3-8mm, select our 8-15mm GLOW Aggregate for optimal results. Conversely, when our gravel grid system is employed, you may choose a GLOW Aggregate that matches the size of your gravel, ensuring a seamless and effective integration.

glow in concrete install guide

We recommend selecting a GLOW Aggregate size no larger than 8-15mm to ensure optimal integration with your concrete. Using larger aggregates may result in a significant loss of the product within the mixture. For best results, a size range of 3-8mm is ideal, providing a perfect balance between visibility and cohesion within your concrete application.

Step 1:
Apply glow aggregate on final finish of fresh concrete by hand (for a creative design of glow) or using a hand-fertilizing machine (this ensure an even distribution of glow)
Step 2:
Trowel in the core glow stones into the slab so they are under a thin top-coating of wet concrete
Step 3:
Apply a concrete retarder and allow the concrete to cure (please follow retarder directions for this step)
Step 4:
Once cured, pressure wash the surface to remove any concrete residue that is covering the glow stones. If a 'murky' coating remains, please apply a light acid wash to fully expose CORE GlowTM Aggregates to sunlight
Step 5:
Allow to completely dry and apply a 'clear' seal if your project requires a protective coating