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Gravel Foundations Projects

These projects show the variety of ways clients have taken advantage of our CORE Gravel™ line of stabilized gravel and grass surfaced foundation systems. From large public spaces to a home driveway foundation installation CORE Landscape offers environmentally sensitive, attractive and long lasting solutions.

Shirley Chisholm State Park

CORE Product: CORE Gravel 60-40 (installed by Galvin Brothers)

Installation Method: Galvin Brothers Contracting

Shirley Chisholm State Park, named after the iconic Brooklyn woman, is a stunning 407-acre park. It boasts 10 miles of scenic biking and hiking trails, offering breathtaking panoramic views, including vistas of the New York skyline and Jamaica Bay. The park underwent a $20 million renovation, enhancing amenities and accessibility. As part of this upgrade, over 10,800 sq. ft of CORE Gravel was installed for pathways and pedestrian areas, ensuring that the park remains an inclusive destination for all to cherish in the years ahead.

Golf Course Green Parking Lot (75 000 sq ft) | Golf Exécutif Montréal, Montreal

Core Product: CORE Gravel 65-30
Installation Method: Contractor, gravel with light top-dress

If anyone can appreciate a gorgeous expance of lush grass, it's a golf course. The wonderful people of Golf Exécutif Montréal went a whole level further to give their guests a taste of the greens when they first arrive with CORE Grass, our system that protects grass roots and prevents compaction, enabling the field to stand up to heavy vehicle traffic. Check it out for yourself on the green!

Imamiya Ebisu Shrine (Osaka, Japan)

CORE Product: CORE Gravel 50-35

To mitigate the effects of heavy rainfall and potential flooding, various urban planning and architectural techniques have been employed in Japan. These include the installation of permeable pavement systems like CORE, which allows rainwater to infiltrate the ground rather than running off into storm drains. Such systems help reduce the risk of surface flooding and can contribute to a more sustainable urban environment. This is why the team for this project chose to use CORE Foundations vs. concrete. In addition the area is natural, beautiful, and accesible by all!