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CORE Glow Projects

These projects show the amazing ways our clients have used CORE Glow™ to make their installations shine. Browse for your own project inspiration and if you have a CORE Glow project you want featured here, be sure to send us your best photos and we'll send you a thank you gift!

CORE Glow Lowell Observatory

CORE Product: CORE Quantum Grade Glow

The Giovale Open Deck Observatory proudly showcases an innovative glowing pathway, which seamlessly incorporates CORE Quantum Glow technology. This state-of-the-art solution harnesses the power of CORE Glow for electricity-free lighting, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly ambiance at the observatory. As we gaze into the cosmos, we also remain committed to addressing the imperative of reducing light pollution.

Walker Art Center (Minnesota)

CORE Product: CORE Quantum Grade Glow

CORE Glow was integrated into the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The installation features cast concrete adorned with Dakota language engravings, enamel on steel, a fountain, bound aggregate infused with CORE Glow luminescent pebbles, and native plantings such as Artemisia ludoviciana "Valerie Finnis" and Sporobolus heterolepis. The exhibit is accessible until midnight, so please do stop by if you happen to be in the vicinity!

Glowing River | 'LIGHTS' art walk exhibit (US National Whitewater Center Lights)

Core Product: CORE Glow Commercial Grade Marble

CORE glow was incorporated to the tune of 1,600 pounds of product! The glow used was our CORE Glow Commercial Grade Marble in Ethereal Blue. The glowing stream was located alongside the half-mile walking trail. This stream, subsequently titled the "CORE Glow Stream" (thank you Meredith!), along with a variety of other stunning lighting displays, was available for viewing from November 2019 until February 2020. To see them yourself online, go to

CORE Glow Beach Project

Core Product: CORE Glow Quantum Grade Marble

CORE Glow, our self-illuminating solution, has been incorporated into this beachfront property to enhance safety, aesthetics, and nighttime lighting. Our all-natural glowing stones were carefully installed to provide these benefits.

CORE Glow Social Space

Core Product: CORE Glow Aqua Quantum

Installation Method: Medium Density Glow stones spread throughout concrete

CORE Glow Quantum Aqua incorporated in a social gathering space, to illuminate and beautify the area, electricity-free. Great wasy to avoid light pollution!

Keep Glowing | City of Brownsville (Texas) Historic Hike and Bike Trail

CORE Product:CORE Glow Commercial Grade Marble

Installation Method:Medium Coverage embedded into Cement.

One of our favorite projects! This 9 mile long trail, named the 'Historic Battlefield Hike and Bike Trail', is located in the City of Brownsville, Texas. Every year, they add a few more miles, and a little more glow. The residents of this friendly Gulf side city are loving it. A trail where you can see where you're going, without losing your view of the night sky! What a concept.

Sadu Pixel Matrix | Visual Arts Installation

Core Product: CORE Glow Ethereal Blue Beads

Installation Method: String, artistic talent, and a lot of work!

What a unique, creative, and genius use of our CORE glow beads! This 3 dimensional display of sadu artwork was created for public display in 2018 in Kuwait. The artist was kind enough to share his photos and details on his work:

The installation uses 1.75 kilometers (wow!) of bead stringing wire which is divided unevenly amongst 905 threads. It incorporates 7854 glow-in-the-dark beads (considered 'pixels' for this purpose) and 8759 earring stoppers (that's a lot!) to hold the beads and stringing wires in place.