Tiny Boulders - 1lb Aqua
Tiny Boulders - 1lb Aqua

Tiny Boulders - 1lb Aqua

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NEW TINY BOULDERS - 14-16 PER PACK (~2 inches)

We have created a tiny Quantum Boulder (ok, really just a downsized boulder) that is 100% glow! That's right, 100% through and through: no centre rock or pumice, just solid Quantum. Take a close look at the photos; we're sure you'll agree, the smooth matte finish and glow intensity is perfecto!

14-16 boulders per pack 

Size range: 1.5" - 2"

Colour: Aqua

Glow Duration: 12+ Hours Every Night

Charge Time: 10 minutes of direct light (UV Preferred)

Which Color is the Brightest?: Aqua has proven itself to be the brightest through the course of the night, followed by green then by blue. However, Green is the brightest for the first one hour of glow, but is then surpassed by Aqua.

Note: Sizes and weight may vary per pack