(1' x 5') Narrow Sea (5 pack)
(1' x 5') Narrow Sea (5 pack)

(1' x 5') Narrow Sea (5 pack)

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Narrow Sea:

You asked, we answered! Due to popular demand, we opened our new designs for pre-orders. We expect these designs to ship to you, mid to end of March. 

The Narrow Sea separates Westeros from Essos. They say good fences make good neighbours, but in the ever-changing power dynamics of Game of Thrones, a whole sea is even better. Use this screen on top of your fence to let your neighbours know who should really sit on the Iron Throne. Inspired by the epic HBO series, Game of Thrones.

Our lightweight Narrow Sea design is offered in this affordable 5 pc set. So, if you are looking for a fence topper, or a 5' x 5' fence insert (stacked option), this is your best deal! Clean lines, good light penetration, whilst giving you enough privacy for most yard activities. Each pack comes complete with U-channel for easy installation. Please note: these are lighter duty than our 1'x6' Trellis screens, at 7 mm thickness vs 10 mm. 

Made from PVC
Screen Size: 1’ x 5’ (.3 m x 1.5 m) (5 screens)
Thickness: .3 in (7 mm)
Weight: ~3 lbs (each screen)
Color: Black, White

**PLEASE NOTE: Posts are NOT included in package**

Frame, screw or simply hangs the screen in a position to add Art Deco culture to your living space. 


NOTE: Out of stock or want a different color? Get in touch with us! 

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