New Limited Edition Core Glow | Symbol Necklaces


12 Symbols Available in Hot Green and Ethereal Blue

- only 5 of each colour available, get them here while supplies last!


Brand New Core Glow | Symbol Collection

We are offering a very limited run of our new Core Glow symbol collection just in time for the holidays. The complete Necklace kit contains a Core Glow Symbol of your choice, UV keychain light for quick charging, natural jute cord, a Core Glow sticker, and our 'Intro to Core Glow' brochure on how the #sciencemagic works,.

Things you may hear upon gifting Core Glow:

  • It’s so bright!
  • This can’t be real, unplug me from the matrix right now!
  • This is the niftiest gift ever!
  • Tell me more about this #sciencemagic!

After the initial shock,the person will either become a glow enthusiast... or your friend is a robot - in that case RUN! As humans, we are always amazed at the mystery of the Core Glow #sciencemagic. The more we understand about it the more amazing it is, and we’re so happy to share that with you.

Watch out, your friends may be robots! Test for human attributes with Core Glow Reactions!


Environmental Hack | Core Glow Light Pollution Indicator

You can also use your Core Glow Symbol as a light pollution detector!
1/ Charge your symbol in the sun
2/ Let it fade to the ‘ambient glow’ phase
3/ Take it outside at night for testing

  • If you can’t see the glow, then you are in an area that is being impacted by light pollution.
  • If you can see it glow, congratulations! You are in an area with little to no light pollution.

Light Pollution Impacts Everything:
Light pollution impacts circadian rhythm, or the ‘internal clock’ of local plants, animals, microorganisms, and humans. Yes, that means you! Always remember to turn your lights off at night and transition to non-casting outdoor lighting, such as Core Glow for pathways, emergency lighting, and more - here

More information on how to prevent Light Pollution at

Not only can you see stars, but bioluminescent creatures need a dark sky to glow and communicate with each other. Help make more nights light this ^ with Core Glow.


By supporting Core Glow, you are not only supporting the latest in electricity-free lighting innovation, you are also

supporting a small, independent, Canadian, women-owned company thrive. 
Thank you so much for all of your support!