New! Lifestyle by CORE

And now for something completely different. 

Lifestyle by CORE is our newest line-up of unique 'screens'. We've been working all winter on this new technology: outdoor screens made with a special layering and engraving for indoor use. As a result, we can offer a greater array of 'finishes', i.e. dark walnut, light wood, black leather, metal, light fabric, as well as the look of a carving in the designs you love best, COAST Salish (Designer: Noel Brown), and our newest line-up, Canadiana by Designer: Amanda Hall.

So, add the beauty of these unique works of art to your indoor space, be it in your chique downtown condo, your lakeside cottage, or your own space at home. We've got you covered! Outdoors, and now Indoors.  




No frame required.