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CORE Foundations Provide Tiny Homes for Salmon!
1 % for the Planet

CORE Foundations Provide Tiny Homes for Salmon!

CORE gravel foundations have long been used to provide a stable, accessible gravel or grass surface for pathways or parking areas. However, their benefits have now extended beyond human convenience, positively impacting the very animals that inspired the establishment of CORE in 2010.

Our thoughtfully designed hexagonal structures provide a secure sanctuary for salmon alevin during their most delicate stage of development. Rigorous tests conducted by both the Kitimat and Puntledge River fish hatcheries have demonstrated that our CORE path product, when utilized without the geotextile fabric, ensures a more evenly distributed spacing among alevins during the crucial period of yolk sac reabsorption immediately after hatching. In contrast, conventional hatchery methods often result in overcrowding, leading to the undesirable outcomes of yolk sac rupture, malformation, or coagulation. 

Traditional Methods                               Overcrowded Conditions & Potential for loss                             


In addition, our CORE Foundation offer an array of advantages in the post-alevin stage, when the fry leave their safe CORE tiny homes and move into the rearing ponds. The traditional river rock approach required approximately one week to clean the site thoroughly and ensure accessibility to all hiding spots for the fry. However, by implementing CORE Foundations, this clean-up process has been significantly streamlined to just one day! Utilizing pressure washing and disinfection methods on our CORE gravel grids proves far more time-efficient and effective compared to traditional river rocks.

CORE Foundation Method (eggs)            CORE Method - Alevin Stage                  


Looking ahead, we are thrilled to announce that all the river rocks will be replaced with CORE gravel foundation this fall, ushering in a substantial improvement in the survival rate of our salmon restocking efforts.    

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who possess the vision to think innovatively, ultimately contributing to the preservation and enhancement of our valuable salmon stocks.

Aren't they adorable! (Chum alevin shown here)


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