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Privacy Screens Projects

Hot Tub Privacy & Decor

This project integrated the exquisite Kindred Spirits and Loon designs by Noel Brown. The screens were thoughtfully incorporated to enhance the natural beauty of the area, already breathtaking in its own right. LED lighting was strategically installed to make the screens come to life during the evening hours, creating an atmosphere of pure delight around the tub.

Edmonton's Citadel Theatre Interior Display "Little Shop of Horrors"

This clients interior patio display project, seamlessly integrated our CORE screens (Tree of Life pattern). This choice was instrumental in achieving the eerie ambiance I aimed for, perfectly aligning with the "Little Shop of Horrors" theme. Not only did it capture the desired effect, but it also proved to be a more cost-effective and distinctive alternative compared to other available options in the market.

Landscape Design using Custom Privacy Screens (Aztec Theme)

Our wonderful, creative clients came to us with their idea for an Aztec designed fence and we worked together to create these unique custom screens, adding beauty and privacy to their already lovely landscape. Located in Aztec, NM (how appropriate is that for these designs?) this install is now a stunning addition to their already beautiful view - rainbow and all!