*NEW* (2'x4') Blackfish (Designer: Noel Brown)
*NEW* (2'x4') Blackfish (Designer: Noel Brown)

*NEW* (2'x4') Blackfish (Designer: Noel Brown)

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The Blackfish is a symbol of power, strength, community, and protection. He is said to protect those who travel away from home and lead them back when the time comes.

Made from PVC
Screen Size: 2’ x 4’ (.6 m x 1.2 m)
Thickness: .4 in (1 cm)
Weight: ~10 lbs
Colour: Black, White, or Brown

Frame, screw or simply hang screen in position to add West Coast culture to your living space.

This design is Crafted in Canada, please allow an additional week of lead time for this product.