Bear Territory (4' x 6')
Bear Territory (4' x 6')
Bear Territory (4' x 6')

Bear Territory (4' x 6')

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Bear Territory: Family Bonds and Powerful Protection, Designed by Noel Brown

Bears can switch from gentle giants to powerful predators in a heartbeat, and nothing can stand in the way of a Bear protecting their territory, especially when a mother bear is protecting her cubs. The bear spirit conveys the incredible depth of family bonds and protecting each other from harm. Bring the Bear spirit into your space to reflect on the meaning of family and home. 

Made from PVC
Screen Size:  4’ x 6’ (1.21 m x 1.8 m)
Thickness: .4 in (1 cm)
Weight: ~10 lbs
Colour: Black

Frame, screw or simply hang screen in position to add West Coast culture to your living space.

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