White Whale + Glow (2' x 4') (Designer: Noel Brown)

White Whale + Glow (2' x 4') (Designer: Noel Brown)

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White Whale: Peace, Abundance, and Protection 

The White Whale is inspired by a traditional legend of the K'omox Glacier, a magnificent wise spirit that watches over the humans who's home is at the base of these great mountains.  As we busy ourselves with the tasks of daily life, take a moment to reflect on the gentle, glacial pace of the White Whale, and be thankful for all the blessings and abundance in your life. 

We offer this design, and many others, in sizes up to 4'x8' and in brown, black and white. Give us 1 week, your project dimensions, and we will have her ready to go! 

Made from PVC
Screen Size: 2’ x 4’ (.6 m x 1.2 m)
Thickness: .4 in (1 cm)
Weight: ~10 lbs
Colour: Black, Brown or White

Screen Frame:
Free standing screen frame sold separately. Sold here

Frame, screw or simply hang screen in position to add West Coast culture to your living space.

This design is Crafted in Canada!

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