(3' x 6') Lily
(3' x 6') Lily
(3' x 6') Lily
(3' x 6') Lily

(3' x 6') Lily

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Whimsy | Romance | Wonder

Signifying 100 years of love in Japanese tradition, the Lily is known for its dramatic aesthetic and heavenly scent. In the Victorian era, fully expressing your emotions was quite frowned upon. As a solution, a secret language of flowers called floriography was developed. The Victorians gave meaning to every flower so that they could communicate their feelings with just a single bouquet. Including a lily in this bouquet was a sure sign that love was in the air.
Include the Lily botanical design in your space to add an element of whimsy and romance.

Made from PVC
Screen Size: 3’ x 6’ (.9 m x 1.8 m)
Thickness: .4 in (1 cm)
Weight: ~19 lbs
Colour: Black, White

Frame, screw or simply hang screen in position to add a unique feature to your living space.

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