Blue is the New Green!


Combining the technologies of both blue and green roofing, CORE has created the best of both worlds!

So what is a blue roof, and why blend this technology with green roofs?

A blue roof is all about storing water in place and controlling the amount of water released. A few of the main benefits of a Blue roof (when used in combination with Green Roof technology) are:

  • to mitigate the impacts of storm water on urban storm sewers
  • reduce rainwater flow rates from the roof
  • reduce watering events for maintaining a green roof system

Blue-Green Roofs are inspired by nature's wonders.

 These benefits are, of course, in concert with the benefits of having a Green roof, which include:

  • the reduction of building heating and cooling costs (acting as a ‘superinsulator’)
  • extending the life of roofing materials (through the protection of the roofing materials from uv damage)
  • Increase in outdoor living space for office workers and homeowners
  • Adding greenery and beautifying of both public and private spaces
  • Reduction in ‘heat island effect’ (a blue/green roof creates a cooler micro-climate than traditional roofing surfaces)
  • Increase of O2 into the immediate area (as well as the update of CO2)

So, with the installation of a Blue-Green roof, you are creating an oxygen rich, beautiful green space, that reduces the loading into our storm sewers. What’s not to love!?!

Check out our  Green Roof Handy Packs for an easy, earth-loving, DIY project!